Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In light of World Water Day 2019 we joined forces with Dutch lifestyle brand Marie-Stella-Maris and their foundation.

As advocates of clean drinking water, Marie-Stella-Maris has been supporting drinking water projects in various parts of Uganda, Bangladesh, Mozambique and Tanzania for years now. They manage to do this by donating 5% of their beauty product sales and 5 eurocents per sold liter of mineral water.

Through our own foundation we wanted to contribute to these drinking water projects. After all, it’s an issue that is still spreading each year and one that deserves more attention in our opinion.

As such, we conceived the ‘Art for Water’ photo auction and invited renowned Belgian and Dutch photographers to each donate and auction off one selected piece of artwork. The participating photographers were: Paul Bellaart (NL), Martina Bjorn (BE), Jef Boes (BE),
Pierre Debusschere (BE), Eva Donckers (BE), Bob Jeusette (BE),
Serge Leblon (BE), Natascha Libbert (NL), Lennert Madou (BE), Jeroen W. Mantel (NL),
Sophie van der Perre (NL), Petrovski & Ramone (NL), Lotte Van Raalte (NL),
Martin Sweers (NL), Frederik Vercruysse (BE), Bastiaan Woudt (NL)
& Marie Wynants (BE). Be sure to take a look at all the selected works below.

Our event got picked up by various media and on 21 March 2019 we found ourselves and a limited crowd of guests and participants in Fosbury & Sons in Antwerp. Thanks to these combined efforts we managed to raise 15 000 euros which has since been fully donated to the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation.


'I hear you' by Petrovsky & Ramone

'Absence of Venus' by Martina Bjorn

'Mwanamke' by Bastiaan Woudt​​​​​​​

'Vezelay' by Sophie van der Perre

'Sink' by Natascha Libbert

'Lily' by Lotte van Raalte

'Pool Blue' by Frederick Vercruysse

'Elke Lake, MN' by Jef Boes

Untitled by Bob Jeusette

'Taos' by Eva Donckers

Untitled by Paul Bellaart

'Thirsty' by Serge Leblon

Untitled by Lennert Madou

'Holding 05' by Martin Sweers

'Edouard' by Pierre Debusschere

'Echo in the memory' by Marie Wynants

'Abyss' by Jeroen W. Mantel