Monday, May 18, 2015

Vlam, short for Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board, is raising awareness for the wide range of bio products available in Belgium. They have worked out a smart campaign with the slogan 'Bio. Je kan er niet om heen' in an effort to change the consumer's perception of bio products, together with their advertising agency These Days Y&R. The idea is that bio products are accessible to everyone and can be used on a daily basis very easily. In other words: another fun Initials LA production, together with Initials LA photographer Britt Guns, a real advertising photography pro.


Client: Vlam Bio
Agency: These Days Y&R
Photographer: Britt Guns
Ass. Photographer: Louis Philippe
Set dresser/Food stylist: Sofie Noyen
Stylist: Britt Angé
Make-up: Caroline Quirynen
Production: Initials LA