Tuesday, October 20, 2020

ZUNY is a 100% digital “new generation” telco offer, launched by VOO in Brussels and Wallonia. 

What makes this campaign unique was to put the real digital culture at the heart of the project, working with connectivity as a direct means of expression for millennials and Generation Z. On the social-digital level, to give the project an extra cultural dimension, agency 'The Satisfaction' created an independent collective dedicated exclusively to social networks.

Agency: The Satisfaction
Client: VOO / ZUNY

Directors: John Israel / Bob Jeusette
Photographer: Bob Jeusette
1st AD: David Herrera
Camera dept: Tamara Santos / Jason Andrew
Electric: Mo Alaali
Grip: Will Tully
Prop master: Robert Romanus
Styling: Mar Peidro
Styling assistant: Julia Chu
Hair & Make-up: Tsipporah Liebman
Casting: Samantha Blake
Talents: Anthony F, Kyle, Hannah M, Avalon, William M, Marley T, Olivia H, Genai, Nicholas C, Milo R, 
Creative director: John Israel
Social content creatives: Tom Galle / Bob Jeusette