Friday, July 31, 2015

Anno 2015, online shopping is pretty much inseparably linked to our society. Ordering online is so easy, but receiving your parcel isn't always just as easy. Don't work in an office that is open 24/7? No time to be waiting at home all day? Greedy neighbours? Bringme is a new company that makes receiving and sending fun and easy. The Bringme Box can be placed at work or in your apartment building. You can buy a Bringme Box or simply rent one and connect with as many users as you want. Couriers, services, shops, absolutely anyone can deliver to a Bringme Box. You can track your package live via the app and you collect it from the box whenever it suits you. And it looks nice too, doesn't it?

To launch their website, Bringme was looking for pretty and cool images of their Bringme Box in several situations and locations. Check out Initials LA photographer Frederik Vercruysse's images of the Bringme Box below, or go check out the Bringme website for more images.

Client: Bringme
Photographer: Frederik Vercruysse
Ass Photographer: Jan Opdekamp
Styling: Marieke De Pauw
Set dressing: Heidi Petre
HMU: Sabine Peeters
Production: Initials LA