Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last summer we shot a whole series of lifestyle images for our good friends over at Eastpak. There's a whole bunch of young 'in the know' people working over at the Belgian luggage brand, and they are pretty good at casting the newest it-generation of models, in collaboration with us of course :)

For this particular 4 day shoot, we shot Swedish blogger Ebba Zingmark, the very famous 'Kate Loves Me' blogger Pelayo Diaz, Amsterdam based stylist Jean-Paul Paula, sisters Jill and Jana Zwillingsnaht and last but not least Belgian blogger Immi Abraham!

As every project deserves the best match possible, we don't always work with photographers in the agency. These images were shot by New York based Charlie Engman, no stranger in the world of photography!

Client: Eastpak
Photographer: Charlie Engman
Styling: Deborah Bloemen
HMU: Gina Van den Bergh
Production: Initials LA