Friday, May 22, 2020

Eastpak is sharing their motto 'Built to Resist'  by radiating positive resistance!
'We believe now is a good time to share positivity through creativity, and celebrate the work of the talented artists, creators, photographers, and animators we work with.' - EASTPAK

All photographers made these images during quarantine in the privacy of their own homes.
These images reflect their way of looking at the world during isolation.



Photographer Bob Jeusette: 'Fabrics are where we feel the safest as humans, but when we're looking at them up close, we don't really know them and how complex they are. It is an interesting paradox and I love that.'



Photographer Emil Pabon: 'Upside Down Guy is a performance artist who, when seen from a distance, thinks he looks like he’s walking upside down. His goal is to exist in the minds of others as a question mark, and I’m sure he succeeds at that, if not for the right reasons.'

Photographer Frederik Vercuysse: 'The ‘antenna' transmits and accepts signals. Thanks to the antenna, we exchange ideas and energy and we stay connected. It expands borders of the world surrounding us. Be patient, adjust the antenna, and focus on the positive change we can make.'

Photographer Martina Bjorn: 'Water, Fire & an Apple - Lockdown trinity. It's a peculiar feeling being in your everyday environment, yet profoundly experiencing life so differently. With this said, and with time passing during the lockdown, I felt the urge to look upon the most simple things. The familiar turned unfamiliar. Daydreaming turned into studying imagery of frustration and desire. This apple on fire under pouring water sums up my current state of mind. When can life start living again?'

Photographer Maxime Fauconnier ‘Right now, we are commonly experiencing a unique time in history. And for so many of us, in a home without a balcony or a garden, the outside comes to us in the shape of blue rectangles of sky through our windows. I decided to use the equipment available in my apartment, in this case my colored lens filters taped on the window glass, to transform the most common element, the sky, in my own way: A contemplative scene, with vibrant colors and graphic composition.’ 


Photographer Victor Pattyn 'Quarantine forces us to focus on what’s close and usual, trapped into some kind of mystical contemplation. We now discern beauty in everything, even among our grocery products. This aesthetic still life brings us back to our own boredom, imagination, and basic needs.'