Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Canada’s Northwest Territories is a land of pristine lakes, untamed wilderness and awe-inspiring beauty, located just below the Arctic Circle. It’s here that CanadaMark diamonds lay hidden. The brand is trying to change its image and wants to get the message across that their diamonds are not just suited for bridal engagements, but also for young independent women who may have reached a certain milestone or accomplished a goal. For this purpose, Frederik Vercruysse created the following images. 

Client: CanadaMark
Photographer: Frederik Vercruysse
Photographer's Assistant: Jan Opdekamp
Stylist: Lieve Gerrits
H&MU Artist: Martena Duss
Set Designer: Dimitra Apostolidis
Model: Fleur @ Network Model Agency
Production: Initials LA
Production Assistant: Ilaria Pittaluga