Thursday, April 28, 2016

We are happy to announce that photographer Coke Bartrina (°1985, Spain) is joining the agency.
Coke comes from the sun-dappled streets of Barcelona and has built up an impressive resume, working for renowned international publications like Apartamento, iD Magazine, Nylon Magazine, The Plant Journal, Vogue Spain and Nowness.com, as well as fashion brands like Mango and Lacoste, Mustang and others. Coke is also the personal photographer to his girlfriend, the famous Spanish photographer/model/blogger Nuria of Frecklesnur.com.

Before he started working as an independent photographer, Coke worked as a photographer's assistant for Nacho Alegre for about 3 years. After this experience he composed a remarkable portfolio presenting a wide array fit for the vibrant artist he is and summarizing his unique attitude towards life. Coke proves to be a man of many talents as he is also a talented carpenter, the results of which can be admired at Villa Lena in Tuscany. 

We selected a few snaps down below but you can browse more of Coke Bartrina's work on the Initials LA website.
We are looking forward to working with Coke. Feel free to contact us if you want to collaborate. 

Photography: Coke Bartrina