Monday, July 3, 2017

French supermarket chain Carrefour have understood the ever growing importancy of local produce. They set up the 'Carrefour Quality Chain', to be able to track and control the origin and quality of at least a part of their products. The quality chain commits itself to three important engagements: products that come from sustainable partnerships; tasteful products with a consistent quality from the field to the plate; products coming from agro-ecology, in order to respect the environment and for the well-being of animals.

Initials LA photographer's duo Jayme Stern were commissioned to shoot some of Carrefour's local partners. Over a two week period, they traveled the country of Belgium to visit local farmers producing asparagus, chicory, carrots, tomatoes, cherries and potatoes; producers of ham, herve cheese, and smoked trout; and livestock farmers.
A compilation of our favorite images below.






Client: Carrefour
Photography: Jayme Stern