Thursday, April 23, 2020

Behind numerous imposing facades, the inhabitants of Brussels are trying to deal creatively with the social limitations of quarantine. No matter how difficult the city is, its inhabitants are more connected than ever.

Telenet asked me to capture this connection in a series of lockdown portraits in Brussels.

Family Bevernage

Stephanie is still working. She does that at home. Not always easy if you also have two children walking around. She tries to find peace, but can also enjoy the fun sides of the quarantine. “Working with children at home is quite intensive. But we will make our plans. Sometimes I have to isolate myself, but we also experience many nice things. Ter Kamerenbos is deserted. Ideal to go down with our full wheel scooter. ”

Dounia, Hicham and Nadir Farid, a family from Vorst

Dounia, Hicham, and Nadir Farid live in the forest. Since the lockdown, the two brothers and their sister have lived non-stop under one roof. A situation that will endure without any problems. Although they do miss bustling Brussels. “We remain connected with family and friends. In itself, everything is going well. But we still miss the 'active life: going for dinner, having a drink with friends, having fun. This is all happening online now, but it is not the same ”

Nathalie and Jean-Louis are the inspirers of the iconic café L’Archiduc in Dansaert.

. For more than 35 years they have stood behind the bar of the famous art deco café. A real Brussels couple with a lot of great stories. Hopefully, we can step back into their magical world of music, drinks, and great company. “We miss the love of Brussels. But what we are experiencing now makes us think. Thinking about life. Thinking about our family. Thinking about others. And that is good. I think we are really going to learn lessons from this. ”

Photography by Jef Boes
Agency: TBWA Belgium
Art buyer: Elly Laureys
Account Manager: Ellen Van Praet
Creative director: Jeremie Goldwasser
Creative team: Kenn Van Lijsebeth & Greg van Buggenhout
Production by Initials LA



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