Thursday, May 21, 2015


We have very recently produced 'Kringwinkel's' brand new campaign. This was our first collaboration with the Belgian second hand store and their advertising agency Choco. This series of images perfectly reflect Kringwinkel's vision of taking back what's old and giving it a second life. Initials LA photographer Frederik Vercruysse has proven to be the perfect man for the shoot.

Finding the right color palette was quite the challenge but the images turned out pretty great thanks to the joint efforts of the whole team, with a special mention for set dresser Deborah Bloemen. We are very pleased how the campaign turned out considering the limited resources we worked with. Bravo!


Client: Kringwinkel 
Agency: Choco 
Photographer: Frederik Vercruysse 
Assistant photographer: Steven Ledoux 
Styling and setdressing: Deborah Bloemen 
HMU: Kim Printemps 
Production: Initials LA