Friday, November 13, 2020

“Dear Wonder Women” is a poetical project about introspection. 
A sequence of inner reflections, in the form of short poems, creates an imaginary female dialogue.
The double setting, alternating atmospheres and sounds, is the visual expression of women’s inner journey from the candid intimacy of solitude, to a thriving natural world where women inspire each other to speak up and be heard.

Directors: Marco + Maria
Client: Anteprima

Starring: Melanie Engel reading Celine Zabad
Starring: Tamar Nijhof reading Medha Sharma
Starring: Viktorija Spalvyte reading Ashley Lord
Starring: Xian Peng reading Alina Schulzen

DOP: Timon De Graaf Boele 
H&MUA: Kassandra Frua De Angeli & Yohei Kuroshima
Styling: Sabrina Mellace 
Music by Thomas Costantin

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