Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dans l'Atelier. An exceptional photoshoot, not executed by a professional photographer but by the world-famous Belgian painter Michaël Borremans. At the request of Le Monde d'Hermès, the premium magazine of French luxury label Hermès, Michaël used his studio as the set up for a shoot starring several iconic Belgian models. Michaël's imagination reflects in the images. With the support of an experienced team -put together by Initials LA- Michaël was able to create a scenic series where Elise and Rose seem to slide out one of his paintings.

Client: Le Monde d'Hermès
Photographer: Michaël Borremans
Photographer's assistant: Koen Vernimmen
AD: Benjamin Grillon 
Styling: Hannelore Knuts
Hair: Sebastien Richard
MU: Carole Colombani
Models: Elise Crombez at Elite Models & Rose van Bosstraeten at City Models 
Production: JN Productions & Initials LA