Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Graanmarkt 13 launches a temporary store by Genk designer Michaël Verheyden on its 1st floor. During the Christmas period you can enjoy a great selection of interior objects and design furniture. His new and bigger pieces  -never shown in Belgium before-  will also be on display. The Michaël Verheyden store at Graanmarkt 13 will be open as from November 27th until the 16th of January. Michaël Verheyden was recently included in the Power list of Wallpaper* magazine: the world's top design names and influencers.

Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden creates uncommon objects for common rituals. Blending serene shapes and meandering materials into pure, refined creations.  All objects mirror their creator: caring, thoughtful. "But, the obvious is never obvious", Michaël Verheyden says, referring to the silent yet story-telling shapes he creates.  Revealing his quest for simplicity, against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world. "We need to feel grounded again." Which is why his objects combine a global appeal with unveiled roots. Craftsman Verheyden prefers noble and durable materials that feel natural and age beautifully.

Imagery by Initials LA photographer Frederik Vercruysse.


Photography by Frederik Vercruysse