Thursday, March 19, 2015

Initials LA is known for being an agency representing both established and new photographers & filmmakers, as well as being an expert in photo and lifestyle & fashion film production. We specialize in talent scouting and are constantly on the lookout for new photographers and directors. But we don't just scout, we manage our talents. Let us introduce you to our latest acquisitions to the agency, a bunch of ambitious and promising talents.
These talents are bookable via Initials LA.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.



Photographic and cinematographic duo Gus & Stella rarely think inside the photo frame. With their refreshing and eclectic mix of photo, film, print and tactile collages, they represent some of London's finest new talent. Their ever-growing portfolio shooting for magazines like ELLE France, Glamour Germany, TANK, Russh, Vogue UK Online, Esquire Online and collaborating with brands like Chanel, Topshop and Erin Fetherston already shows their worth. A promising couple with the right attitude and focus. (exclusive for Belgium)

See more of their work here


Frederik started his photographer's career mostly focusing on documentary photography and reportages. He has already worked for National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, De Standaard, Knack Weekend, Handicap International and many more. In 2013 Frederik got international attention with his project about the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, that made him a World Press Photo Finalist. He has won multiple prestigious prizes with the project, the work was shown in numerous exhibitions and eventually resulted in the book 'Jesus, Make-up and Football'.

View more of Frederik's work here


Annelie Vandendael grew up in the deep South of France. She mostly works with a Hasselblad analogue camera for the realistic character of the images and as a counter reaction to the manipulated and photoshopped images of these days. Real people with real imperfections and a great deal of personality is what Annelie wants in front of her lense. After having seen some of her personal work, clothing designer Paul Smith has asked her to shoot their swimwear collections for several seasons in a row now.

View more of Annelie's work here  


Jaap is known for his riveting, brain-teasing photographs and videos. Like a chameleon, Jaap knows how to adjust to every situation. Whether he is flying in a helicopter to capture shots for professional skateboarder Shaun White's video game or working on stellar ad campaigns for huge clients like McDonalds and Sony, Jaap's humor and enthusiasm are reflected in his work and each of his images is certain to call for a double take.

See more of Jaap's work here


Britt is a true advertising photography expert. Her work can be described as a cross-over between reportage and staged documentary, always finding the right match between cast and scenery. Her photography is a reflection on the world we live in today, trying to confront the viewer with a reality. Light is always very important, especially to make that reality a little warmer. All of that combined with a touch of humour, that is Britt Guns.

View more of Britt's work here


Maroesjka Lavigne had only just graduated when her work was shown at the Foam Talent exhibition in Amsterdam. She then left for Iceland to do an internship at a national newspaper. In the meantime she roamed the island and shot some truly amazing images. In 2012 her Iceland adventures resulted in a book called 'ìsland'. At the moment Maroesjka is on a journey to Osaka, Japan. We are curious to see the result...

View more of Maroesjka's work here


Ivan Jurado was born in a little town on the Catalan Coast in Spain. After a career as a designer he finally made the decision to become a professional photographer and filmmaker. Just like his personality, his playful & colorful work reflects a great deal of humor. Ivan is currently living and working in Barcelona and London.

View more of Ivan's work here


Jan Jorre are quite the duo. For many years, they have worked as assistant photographers for the top level photographers out there. 'Jan & Jorre' have two very different personalities, but united they stand strong. These globetrotters are specialized in fashion fashion fashion!

View more of Jan Jorre's work here