Friday, February 3, 2023


Studio Alfons Meyer is a photographer & director duo based in Belgium. With a passion for the 16mm film medium, they create films with a strong story vision, aesthetics, and sensitivity. From music videos, fashion, and design to fiction and docu films. From pre-production to post-production. Besides the fact that they love to create and tell stories with the film medium, they both are photographers and are involved in making musical compositions.

Clients/publications: Zara home, L’Officiel Belgium, Chanel beauty, Cop.Copine, Lies Mertens, CIVA, Atelier Constant, Cocon Club, Janue, Marigold, Kaboosh, Alicia Audrey, French Cliché, Kipling, Georgina Sangines, Prima Donna, VRT...