Wednesday, June 15, 2022

'The Pigeon Table', a collaboration between Muller van Severen & Laila Gohar. 
Presented during the Milan Design Week 2022

The Pigeon Table is inspired by a conversation around mud-brick pigeon houses in Egypt, Laila’s homeland.
By very intuitively sending things -images, drawings, ideas- back and forth, the eventual design came to life.

The Pigeon Table is an object made out of love for food and service, being together, conviviality, and the pleasure of dining. It is an invitation to our world, our party, a dinner with an ode to what brings us together. Although we have never met in real life we feel we have been sitting at this table for years. 

Photography by Frederik Vercruysse
​​​​​​​Art direction by Muller Van Severen​​​​​​​