Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Meet Lore Bruggeman, skateboarding prodigy.

During lunch (OK, burgers, and fries) with Lore, her mother Inge, and our photo crew, the subject of skate tricks comes up and especially how one can know the difference between all of them. “Do you remember the kickflip, mom?”, Lore asks, only to promptly take out her phone to use it like a skateboard and demonstrate a kickflip with her fingers. That pretty much says it all. Lore is a skateboarder all the way, which is easy to notice when you’re talking to her but even easier to see when she rides. We got to spend a rainy afternoon with her in and around Kortrijk and had the best time.

WORDS: Bjorn Dossche


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PICTURES: Victor Pattyn