Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Woest, that's Junior Bauwens and Daphné Grillaert.
Two passionate coaches who put their experience and their teeth into your sporting goals.
Woest, that is a training room in Ghent that breathes breath in and exhales boxing.
Woest is for everyone who is tired of sitting still and wants to move forward.
Fierce, that is sweating, falling and being in pain and then getting up and walking through a wall.

This Koen's story, written and directed by Jef Boes.


So, One night Koen almost literally crashed into an advertising board of Woest, next to the club.
It intrigued him so much that he curiously took a step inside the club.
But then... suddenly he stood face to face with the one and only Junior Bauwens.
He was very nervous, not Junior … but Koen. ​​​​​​​

That evening he stayed at the club and he never left. Finally, he found his boxing club, the right one.

One year after this incident, Woest organizes their first fightnight.

For the first time Koen is standing in the ring.
This on the age of 39. A married man with a lovely daughter. And now, the winner of his first match.
He isn’t nervous any longer... because of Woest.

Together with Junior and Daphne we would like to tell you his story. This is the result. Enjoy!

Client: Boxing Woest
Production: Initials LA
Written & Directed by Jef Boes
Producers: Lies Muys, Jef Boes, Shana Duprez
D.O.P.: Maxime Lahousse
Editors: Jef Boes, Kim Snauwaert
OST: Thomas Houthave
Sound: Klankwerk
Grading: Florian Keirse
Cast: Koen Roggeman, Melissa Defreyne, Louisa Roggeman, Junior Bauwens, Daphné Grillaert, Woest